UK Giving

Standing Order

In order to set up a standing order to give to Immanuel Church, you need the following information:

Account Name: Immanuel Church Brentford
Account Number: 40020885
Sort Code: 20-45-45
Reference: Immanuel Church
Branch Address: Barclays Bank, Leicester, LE87 2BB, UK

Weekly Offering

Each week we take up an offering which can include cash or cheques. Please make cheques payable to Immanuel Church Brentford.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible to Gift Aid your donation, please contact Martin Fox for a simple form that will increase your gift by 25p for every £1 given (at current rate) at no extra cost to you or us.

In order to utilise the gift aid scheme, you have to give your money in a traceable manner e.g. standing order, payment by cheque or by placing your money in an envelope clearly marked with your name and the amount enclosed.

Immanuel Church Brentford is a registered UK Charity. Charity #1169882